We aim to create space beyond interior design, and build an environment with living atmosphere and idea.Through the exchanging of thoughts, we fuse art and practicality altogether to create a unique living altitude and sense by introducing nature elements into designing.By constantly pondering the continuity of space, designing strength, presenting tension and handling of proportions, we have people living in environment with more spiritual links and sense of participation, to fulfill every tiny corner with integrity of design.

空間趣味 space delight

跳脫空間的既定印象,引入自然元素並以整體空間來做全面性考量,重新營造出豐富趣味的規劃及動線,使得生活在空間裡的人不僅能體驗到周遭環境的變化,也能充分感受空間的溫度與自由的氛圍。Escaping from the stereotype of interior design, we consider the comprehensiveness of the overall space by introduce natural elements, rebuilt the flow line with full of abundant taste and have people feel more about the ever changing surroundings and the warmness, freedom of the living environment.

材質堆疊 material stacking

發掘材質的特性,展現材質的特點以及我們對每個作品的細膩思考,在不同的空間中堆疊出獨有的氣息、具有張力的設計作品。利用複合材質重新組合,透過設計手法讓不同素材互相激盪出層次豐富的感受,創造屬於我們在市場上的獨特語彙及辨識度。We discover the different feature of each material, and present them by their own personality and our intension of each creation. Stacking up unique atmosphere and creation full of design tension in different interior by using distinct material. We combine composite material, and stimulate rich feelings of different gradation by using design technique, to establish the sole recognition in the market.

人文對話 Humanities and Culture

以人為本、人文底蘊作為設計的出發點。我們總是為客戶多想一步,相信透過溝通能讓整體設計更豐富,並產生人與空間的微妙互動。不論多精緻完美的作品,都需要有人,才會賦予它生命,也才會讓物品產生不 一樣的韻味及印記。Our central idea is people-oriented, based on humanities and culture as design starting point. We always think further for our customers, and believe communication can make the overall design more plentiful, t o generate a profound interaction between people and space.No matter how perfect the design is, always need people to endue the space with live, and will make matters brings up unique marks and charms.


諮詢階段 Consultation
  • 預約諮詢 Reserve Consultation
  • 現況勘查、丈量 Measurement
  • 了解需求、理念、預算 Survey and Budget
設計階段 Design
  • 平面配置討論 Configuration
  • 簽訂設計合約 Designing Contract
  • 初步 3D 圖設計討論 Initial 3D figure
  • 3D 圖修正、建材、家具討論 3D figure, material and furniture
工程階段 Construction
  • 簽訂工程合約 Construction Contrac
  • 施工圖繪製 Construction Drawing
  • 工程估價 Construction appraisal
  • 開始施工 Starting Construction


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